Q: After I register the username and password, I try to login and it shows invalid username and password.
A: The username is case sensitive. If you register your username as "Abcdef", you need to login using "Abcdef". If you type in abcdef, it will show an invalid username and password.
Q: I try to reset the password and the current password is incorrect.
When you click "Reset" password, you will receive a new generated password in Capital Letter. Example "VCUWXKDB".
You need to put in "VCUWXKDB" into your current password, and put in your new password. If you put "vcuwxkdb", it will show incorrect password.
Q: I cannot see my Shiba in my NFT Asset Page.
A: Please try to clear browser history, and connect your metamask wallet again.
Q: I earned the token in the gameplay, when click withdraw diamond in the token dashboard, it prompts "Insufficient SHF token".
There is a withdrawal fees of 6.9% on every withdrawal from dashboard to our wallet. The withdrawal fees is paid with SHF token. However, SHF Token will only be available when it is listed in exchange. Please wait for our token to be listed.